The Filter Bar


The Filter Bar allows you select assemblies according to their attributes in the Metadata Tables, including by typing assignments or antimicrobial resistance. It has a simple mode for quickly searching single fields and an advanced mode for searching across multiple terms.

Single Column Filtering

Select the metadata field you are interested in, for instance "MLST ST". The Filter Bar will now say "Filter MLST". Click on that text and start typing the MLST identifier you are interested in. Clicking the 'E' icon toggles exact matching on/off. By default partial matches to the term are included, e.g. '1.2' will match '1.2.3' in the metadata.

The number of assemblies that match the term will be automatically updated on the right hand side of the text box as you type. Selected assemblies will be highlighted on the tree and map, and the metadata tables filtered. Click the delete button on the right hand side of the text box to clear the Filter Bar.

Multiple Column Filtering

  1. Bring up multiple column select by clicking on the '+' symbol.

  2. Click a field you are in interested in, and you will be taken to a selection of possible terms, with the number of associated assemblies next to each term.

  3. Clicking a term will add it to a filter.

  4. You can then choose to add another term that the assemblies must match as well by clicking 'AND'. The new term must come from a different field.

  5. You can also add an 'OR' statement. This allows you to create another "sub"-filter that assemblies can also match.

  6. You may have multiple 'OR' and 'AND' terms to build up complex queries.

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