The Map View

About The Map View

The map view plots the locations of all assemblies that have been provided with latitude and longitude coordinates.

Using The Map View

  • Assemblies in the same location are shown as a single white circle.

  • Selecting a circle will highlight the respective leaves on the tree and filter the rows below.

  • Assemblies that have been selected in the Tree Viewer or Metadata Tables will be highlighted with a purple ring.

  • When an AMR column is selected, the circle will be coloured in ratio of resistance/intermediate/sensitive phenotype (red/yellow/white) or present/absent (red/white) genotype. The circle in the top left shows the overall ratios for the selected resistance phenotype or genotype.

  • The group selection tool allows you to draw a line around a set of points to select. These are then highlighted in the tree and and metadata tables as above.

  • Other controls:

    • You can also adjust the marker sizes after clicking the map controls button,

    • zoom in or out (swipe gestures work if using a touchpad),

    • move the map around,

    • and download an image by right-clicking on the map.

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