📜Release Notes 2024

Pathogenwatch release notes for 2024


17th May


  • MLST assignments using the PubMLST E. cloacae species complex scheme have been added for E. chengduensis, E. chuandaensis and E. pasteurii. The last of these species is not currently recognised by Speciator and is likely to be assigned to another member of the complex. However, MLST will should still be run for them.


17th May


  • Internal configuration update to ensure service stability.


15th April


  • The cgMLST profile single linkage clustering tool has been refactored to reduce memory and CPU use. There should be no impact on the results.


20th January


  • All cgMLST assignments have been updated to the latest version of the MLST code, with the schemes updated to 08/12/2023. This is includes several bug fixes, and we expect some significant improvements to the cgMLST profile-base clustering. Due to the complexity of the update, if you see any issues, please do get in touch.


19th January


  • PopPUNK cluster assignments for Vibrio cholerae, provided by our Vibriowatch collaboration. All V. cholerae genomes have been updated to include their cluster assignment.


  • After further review, the previous Vista biotype assignments have been deemed unreliable. We would recommend that users do not rely on the previous results. A new version is under development by our collaborators at the Wellcome Sanger Institute.

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