Sharing a collection

How to share a Pathogenwatch collection with another user(s)

Sharing collections

Once you've created a collection, you can share it with other users. By default, collections can only be viewed by the creator of the collection, and so just sharing the URL is not enough, and the collection must also be set to "Shared". The collection can be set back to private at any time, and other users will no longer be able to view the collection.

Even if you set a collection to "Shared" the collection can not be viewed by anyone without the URL. The URL contains a random string which is not guessable in practice due to the number of possible variants.

Steps to sharing a collection

  • Open the collection information box by clicking on the "i" symbol in the top right corner of the collection view.

  • Under "Access level" click on "Shared".

  • Copy the complete URL from the browser address bar and share it.

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