Privacy and Terms Of Service

We will not make your uploaded sequence data or associated metadata available to other users or collaborators, or use it in our own internal analyses, without explicit consent.

Personal Data Use

Logging In

If you log into Pathogenwatch, we store your email address so we can contact you occasionally with updates and information about your collections, and news about the service.
Pathogenwatch can be used anonymously and we do not store any personally identifiable information beyond aggregated site use metrics.

Deleting Data

If (1) you believe that personal information of yours has been incorrectly uploaded associated to our service, for instance an email address in the description of a collection, or in the metadata of an assembly, or (2) would like to delete an account or any other uploaded assembly or metadata, then contact us via [email protected].

Terms Of Service

Pathogenwatch is provided specifically for the analysis of microbial genome data and associated phenotypic and environmental data, and no other purpose.
You must ensure that you are in full compliance with all applicable data protection laws when uploading genome sequences and associated information, and necessary consents given.
We will not share your private collection information, or process it in anyway beyond what is required to provide Pathogenwatch.


Like most websites, Pathogenwatch uses cookies to enable key functionality, including authentication (logging in), along with some management of local state (e.g. selected genomes). A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that we save to your computer or device if you agree. We do not use any tracking cookies anymore.

Third-party cookies

Pathogenwatch currently doesn't use any 3rd party services that require cookies. Previously, the website used Google Analytics to gather basic information about how the site was used, but we've replaced this service with a self-hosted (UK) instance of the privacy-focused Plausible Analytics. Plausible Analytics is fully GDPR compliant and doesn't use cookies for user tracking.

Cookies we use by type

The following table is a list of the cookies we use, why we use them, and on which of our sites:
Your visit
Authentication cookie.
Session cookie