Uploaded Metadata


We encourage submissions of genomes to be accompanied by as much information as possible about the organism. The more richly annotated every genome is, the better the wider community will be able to detect and understand trends in outbreaks and general epidemiology, and the more phenotypes we will be able to predict from genome sequence.

Useful Fields

While the most useful information to include, beyond time and place, can be very species specific.

  • Pubmed identifier. Title the column PMID and a link to Pubmed will automatically be created in the metadata table.

  • AMR phenotypes.

  • Site of sample collection.

  • Environment, e.g. hospital, refugee camp.

  • Host

  • Laboratory-based typing.

The field name is taken from the header of the CSV file uploaded with the assemblies. For example metadata CSVs, see the links in Uploading Assemblies.

Selecting the column header will label the leaves (assemblies) on the current tree with the field values.

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