The Metadata Tables

General Information

The Metadata Tables display uploaded and calculated attributes for each assembly, grouped according to type. The tables take up the bottom section of the screen and buttons for selecting the metadata type for display float over the boundary of the tables and the Tree Viewer.

Assemblies are sorted according to the order of the leaves on the rectangular tree, and can be selected by clicking on rows, or by clicking on column headers and then typing in the Filter Bar. Clicking on the assembly name in any table will bring up the Genome Report for that assembly.

Clicking on column headers will also change the labels in the Tree Viewer, providing a convenient way of seeing how traits or attributes distribute.

Assembly FASTA & GFF Downloads

Assembly FASTAs and GFF descriptions of the core genome, AMR and MLST matches are provided by clicking on the icons in the lefthand column. Clicking on the top of the column will downloads all files in the current collection as a single zip archive.

Visit sections below to see more about each table:

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