About Data-flo

Data-flo (pronounced data-flow) is an open-source web application for data integration. It provides an easy-to-use visual interface to design reusable Workflows (data pipelines) that import, merge, clean, and manipulate data in many different ways. Once a Workflow has been created, it can be run anytime, by anyone with access, to enable push-button data extraction and transformation.

Why use Data-flo?

Data-flo saves you time by removing the bulk of the manual repetitive workflows that require multiple, sequential, or tedious steps, enabling you to focus on analysis and interpretation.

Armed with Data-flo, users can:

  • Rapidly prepare data for visualization, and reporting

  • Easily share processed data between teams

  • Consistently reproduce and validate data transformation procedures for updated or new datasets

  • Seamlessly integrate data from multiple databases and sources

  • Automatically update a Microreact project with fresh data

While Data-flo is used across many sectors (data science, academia, public health institutions etc.), it contains a number of features tailored to manage bioinformatics-related datasets such as Newick files, tree files, etc.


If you use Data-flo within a publication please cite:

Centre for Genomic Pathogen Surveillance. 2019. Data-flo. https://data-flo.io. [Date accessed].

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