Accessing your workflows

Accessing saved/ completed workflows

The homepage is where you can access all your saved workflows as well as workflows shared with you. You can sort and group the workflows by Name, Date Created, Date Updated and Access Role.

You can also find a specific saved or shared workflows using the search bar and typing in the name of the workflow.

Sharing a workflow

Workflows can be shared with other users in a few different ways - it comes down to how much access you want to give the other user(s) to your saved work. Workflows are shared by typing in the email addresses of the users you want to grant access.

  1. Giving a user Runner permissions means they will only be able to see the run page. This means they can upload files as workflow inputs and receive workflow output files, but they will not be able to see any of the adaptors used or the canvas. Use this option if you will retain control of the backend processes and simply want users to be able to see the relevant outputs of the workflow.

  2. Viewer permission has all the privileges of runners but also have the ability to clone a workflow. This means they will be able to see the backend canvas, all the adaptors, and any embedded files but the workflow will not be linked to the original one. Any edits they make are not reflected in the original workflow.

  3. Editors have all the privileges of viewers but can open the canvas and see the backend processes and adaptors of the workflow. They will be able to make changes to the adaptors, inputs, descriptions, etc. that are created and programmed in the canvas.

  4. Managers have all the privileges of editors but can also set sharing and access permissions for the workflow. They can also remove access from users, including the workflow creator, so be thoughtful in who you give manager permissions!

Tip: Managers, editors and viewers are able to download the workflow as a .dataflo file. This will allow users with the .dataflo download to upload it to their accounts and see the canvas, all adaptors and all embedded files. If you have passwords or tokens, make sure you mark them as secret.

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