Step 1: Configure a solo adapter to view data.

Adding a .csv file to a data-flo adaptor, in order to view the .csv file.

Give your workflow a name.

Search for the adaptor of interest. (In this case it will be a .csv file input adaptor.)

Select the adaptor. This adaptor will be populated on the canvas. Click on the file input. This will open up more information in the side panel.

Select Data-flo input and from the Dataflo input dropdown select + Create new input.

Caveat: If the diamond adaptor is not visible, it may have been randomly placed underneath the adaptor. Moving the adaptor will reveal it for repositioning.

Input adaptor not visibleMoving adaptor square reveals itInput adaptor visible

The default input-1 adaptor will appear on the canvas. Connect this diamond adaptor to the file connector.

Select the adaptor name within the diamond, or from the dropdown where it was added.

Click anywhere on the adaptor card and then click RUN STEP in the side bar.

A successful run will highlight the adaptor with a green outline. The results of the .csv file will now be visible in the pane.

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