import-file-from-url adaptor imports a file from the web.

Imports a file into Data-flo to make it available for processing. Should be used in conjunction with other adaptors for processing.


url Type: text Required: Yes The URL of the file to be imported.

output file name Type: text Required: No The name of the output file. If unspecified, defaults to the remote file name.


file Type: file The imported file.


Example 1: Default behaviour.


url :

output file name : null (empty)


file: demo.nwk


-> Imported the Newick file demo.nwk from a public S3 bucket.

Use Cases

  • Pulling in ‘reports’ that get updated online.

  • Enables users to retrieve files from the web for further processing and transformation in Data-flo

  • Users are able to pull in ‘reports’ or data files that get updated online or on an online repository (e.g., Github)

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