append-lists adaptor combines values from two lists into one.

The list output includes values from the first list, followed by values from the second list. Use the append-to-list adaptor or the prepend-to-list adaptor to add a single value to an existing list.

Final list can be connected to the sort-list adaptor to change the ordering of values in the list.


first list Type: list Required: Yes The list to which the second will be appended.

second list Type: list Required: Yes The list that will be appended to the first list.


list Type: list A list containing values from both lists.


Example 1: Default behaviour.


first list:

  1. Jan

  2. Feb

  3. Mar

second list:

  1. Apr

  2. May

  3. Jun


new list:

  1. Jan

  2. Feb

  3. Mar

  4. Apr

  5. May

  6. Jun

-> Combined values from two lists.

Use cases

  • Appending lists will help users to consolidate information to identify available and/or missing values

  • Appending lists may be necessary for consolidation or merging of historical records/ datasets.

  • Appending lists allows for adjustment of included values without modifying the original dataset.

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