Change Log

  • Bug fix: Some rows are missing when using import-from-excel-file adaptor [3575].

Legacy releases

  • Added banner for new major version release:

  • Bug fix: importing Excel files with empty headers fail [4622].

  • Handle OpenCage limit errors.

  • Migrate geocoding API to OpenCage.

  • Bug fix: invalid data type in row-column-value adaptor.

  • Update help and support link.

  • Supports ApplicationIntent=READONLY in SQL Server connections.

  • Add country codes to forward geocoding (#4).

  • Add compare-columns adaptor (#2).

  • Update to Node.js v17 (gallium).

  • Tabs () can be used as delimiter in datatable-to-csv and datatable-to-csv-file adaptors.

  • Add Plausible Analytics

  • Feature Request: Add star to beginning of argument names if required (#247).

  • Mark discard-columns adaptor as deprecated.

  • Fixed renaming an existing Microreact project (#240).

  • Bug fix: Spreadsheet file does not honour the sheet names (#232).

  • Update docker-in-docker image to 20.10.12-dind.

  • Add a remove-duplicate-rows adaptor.

  • Add numerical filtering of rows.

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