Using adaptors to process data

Transforming or processing data in Data-flo

Data are processed in Data-flo via Tranformation adaptors. Users can utilize one or more of these adaptor types to manipulate or transform their data in a multitude of ways. Adaptors can be linked together to combine their functions in sequence.

Transformation adaptors

Transformation adaptors apply to datatables, specific columns, data elements, lists or text, and graphs. These adaptors can concatenate text, reformat column data, rename leaf labels in a Newick file, and much more!

Select one or more of the transformation adaptors from the side bar menu to add it to your canvas. Specify the input and output options to transform the data into your desired format.

See our comprehensive Adaptor Reference Guide for a complete list of all adaptors along with details on their input arguments, examples, and recommended use cases.

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