Testing your workflows

As you build your workflow to prepare for your use or sharing with others, it's important to test it to make sure it functions as expected.

While you run completed and de-bugged workflows on the Run page, you test workflows of varying stages of development on the Canvas.

Here are a few best practices to ensure you are testing the workflow:

  1. Use a Test Run to detect errors in the adaptor configuration

  1. Use the Test Run Value

Instead of flipping between the Run page and the canvas to upload your data inputs, you can program in a Test run value to continuously test the workflow while it's being developed. The Test run value will be used as the source data for that adaptor or the workflow but it will not show up on the Run page.

  1. Click data output to check your work as you go

After each adaptor is populated with the intended arguments and you've clicked the test run button, you can click the data output to see if the data matches the intended format. The output will appear in the side bar menu for you to review.

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