concatenate-text adaptor concatenates two text strings.

By default there is no separator between the concatenated texts, use the separator input to add a separator.


text one Type: text Required: Yes First text to be concatenated.

text two Type: text Required: Yes Second text to be concatenated.

separator Type: text Required: No Specifies text to separate the concatenated texts. If unspecified, defaults to no separator.


combination Type: text The concatenated text.


Example 1: Default behaviour.


text one: Hello

text two: World


combination: HelloWorld

-> concatenate the texts Hello and World.

Example 2: Concatenation with a separator.


text one: Hello

text two: World

separator: (space)


combination: Hello World

-> concatenate the texts Hello and World with a space separator.

Use Cases

  • Concatenating text is often used to create more informative and descriptive labels or names

  • Concatenation is employed to build complete sentences or phrases from individual text components

  • Combining first names and last names into a single "full name" column or merging address components into a complete address string.

  • When constructing URLs or file paths, concatenation is used to combine different components, such as domain names, paths, and filenames.

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