run-replicate-model adaptor uses Replicate HTTP API to run an AI model and wait for its output.

Replicate offers thousands of community-contributed AI models. A list of models can be found on Replicate website.

Note that this adaptor can be used to run one model only. If you would like to run a model for each value in a datatable column, consider using the workflow repeater adaptor.


model Type: text Required: Yes The URL of the Replicate model to run, e.g.. stability-ai/stable-diffusion:db21e45d.

input Type: dictionary Required: Yes The input of the model to run.

api token Type: text Required: Yes Replicate API token


outputs Type: list The model predictions.

status Type: text The status of the model run.

duration Type: text The duration of the model run.


Example 1: ask a question about an image


model: andreasjansson/blip-2:f677695e5e89f8b236e52ecd1d3f01beb44c34606419bcc19345e046d8f786f9


api token: 9d************************************** (visit API Tokens page to retrieve the API token)


outputs: san francisco bay

status: succeeded

duration: 1751

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