Using adaptors to export data

Getting data out of Data-flo

Data are exported from Data-flo via Export adaptors, which export data in a specified format.

Export adaptors

Data can be exported from Data-flo in two ways.

  1. Some adaptors are specifically configured to push data to certain external data locations (e.g., export-to-microreact-project).

  2. Some adaptors simply make data available for download (e.g., export-to-csv-file), and the user running the workflow must manually download (pull) the data to an external location.

Export adaptors on the canvas

Whenever the output of an adaptor is meant to be made available for download by the end user of the workflow, it must be marked as a workflow output. Workflows may have one or multiple outputs defined. In the canvas, the output will appear as a diamond.

Exported files on the Run page

When users mark something as a workflow output, they are able to add descriptions which will carry over to the Run page so that those uploading files and running the workflow have more details on what to expect as the output.

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