Interface Icons


Open menu +

Selecting this icon brings up the menu to add a new adaptor to the canvas.

Menu (Open menu will change to closed x)

Menu shown when open menu button is selected. Select the x to close the menu again.

Enables drag to select mode Disables drag to select mode

These two icons let the user know if Drag to Select mode is enabled or disabled. If the box outline icon is displayed, Drag to Select mode is disabled and the user can use their mouse to navigate the canvas (zooming in/ out or left-clicking and dragging the canvas to see more adaptors). If the four-way arrow icon is displayed, this enables Drag to Select mode and if the user drags their mouse, it allows them to select one or more adaptors on the canvas to either copy or delete them.

Save current changes

Saves your Workflow - this is done automatically as you work.

Auto layout

Auto-adjusts the layout of the adaptors on your canvas.

Test run

Test runs the workflow.

Edit workflow description

Edits the workflow description. This allows users to add a description, instructions, links, details to the Workflow that other users can see when they run the workflow.

Export as .dataflo file

Downloads the workflow as a .dataflo file.

Dock the info pane to bottom Dock the info pane to right

Switches the information panel view from the side of the screen to the bottom of the screen.


Request API

Open run page in new tab

Toggles between the edit page (Canvas) and run page.

Edit project access

Edits project access. This allows users to define who can access the Workflow.

Go to My Account page

Returns to My Account page showcasing all saved Workflows. You have the option of changing the icon using

Zoom in

Zoom out

Fit view

Zooms in/out on the Canvas or fits the entire workflow to the screen.


Canvas mini-map showing a representation of how the entire Workflow looks.

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