The run-workflow adaptor runs another Workflow allowing you to re-use a workflow across multiple workflows without having to import the individual adaptors. This allows you to make common 'building block' workflows and use them in any number of new workflows.


workflow Type: text Required: Yes The ID or the URL of the workflow to run.



Example 1: Default Behaviour.


workflow: nCqNLD6DokPC2TUg8rmps


-> Executed the workflow nCqNLD6DokPC2TUg8rmps.

Use cases

  • Users with complex workflows, involving numerous adaptors for importing data from diverse sources or steps for cleaning datasets, might find it cumbersome to repeat initial steps with each dataset update. To streamline this process, consider integrating the 'Run Workflow' adaptor into a new workflow. This approach streamlines your workflow by replacing the many adaptors of the original workflow with one adaptor.

  • Some users may want to keep a portion of a workflow private or managed centrally. Other users may access and utilize this workflow in their individual workflows using the Run Workflow adaptor without having access to the original workflow.

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