Building a workflow from scratch

If you are new to Data-flo or want to create an entirely new workflow, consider starting from a blank canvas.

  1. Give your workflow a name (Note, Data-flo continuously saves the changes you make to the workflow)

  2. Set the description (e.g. the purpose of the workflow, what it is doing, etc.).

  3. Set access permissions by determine who can access the Run Page (front end) or who else can edit the workflow (backend). (Tip: you may want to leave the workflow as "Private" until it is built and tested).

  4. Start adding adaptors to your canvas! There's no rule about how to start building the workflow, but generally it's best to start by importing data, understanding what transformations need to be made, and working from left to right.

  5. Connect your adaptors to create a workflow using Joins (arrows between adaptors). Click the circle next to the output of one adaptor to create a connector, drag the connector to the input argument of the next adaptor. This allows you to combine adaptors for your data to be transformed in multiple ways.

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