Using adaptors to import data

Bringing data into Data-flo

Data are brought into Data-flo via Import adaptors, which import data from specific sources and/or file types.

Data sources include: Dropbox, Figshare, GoogleDrive, http request, Amazon S3 server, SMB/CIFS shared network drive, website url, MySQL database, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL server database, Microreact, and EpiCollect. You can also manually select and add data files from your computer such as csv, tsv, dbf, spreadsheet, and JSON files.

Import adaptors

Import adaptors require an input source (database, url, etc.) or input file (csv, spreadsheet, etc.), enabling the user to point to a specific data source/file when the workflow is run.

Workflow creators and editors can embed a specific file directly into the workflow or can allow users to upload a file type or data source at run time.

Files uploaded on the Run page

One ore more files can be marked as inputs and will be added on the run page by the end user.

Files embedded into the workflow

Alternatively, files can be embedded directly into the import adaptors. In this case, those running the workflow will not see these files.

Incorporate embedded files into the workflow if these file contents rarely change or a specific file is required to run the workflow.

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