Signing in will take you to the Workflows page. This is where you can access all your saved workflows as well as workflows shared with you. You can sort and group the workflows or delete ones that are no longer needed.


The canvas appears on the Editor page and is where workflows are built.

On the canvas, you can create, edit, and test workflows to ensure they are functioning as intended. The canvas is only visible to users with Manger, Editor, or Viewer permissions for a particular workflow.

Run page

The run page is where users will run the workflow in order to acquire the intended workflow outputs. Some workflows will require inputs (such as files, usernames/passwords, etc.) while others simply require the user to push run. Users with all levels of permissions can access the run page (Managers, Editors, Viewers and Runners).

A workflow's Run Page also includes information about the workflow (description, list of inputs, list of outputs, etc.). Any information that an author wants users to have should be shown on this page.

There are four options at the top right of run page, with detail of each option outlined below:



Owner, Manager, Editor

Takes you to edit mode where you can make changes to the workflow on the canvas.


Owner, Manager, Editor, Viewer

Creates a copy of the workflow in your account. This gives you owner status of the workflow and you will then be able to edit and manage sharing of that copied workflow.


Owner, Manager, Editor, Viewer

Downloads a .dataflo file which can be shared and uploaded into other user accounts to transfer a workflow.


Owner, Manager, Editor, Viewer, Runner

Provides information necessary to run a Data-flo workflow via API (Application Programming Interface).

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