Workflows are combinations of adaptors that work together to edit, clean, merge and transform your data.


The canvas appears on the Editor page where workflows are built.

On the canvas, you can create, edit, and test workflows to ensure they are functioning as intended.

Side bar

The side bar serves many purposes. It is where you will see a list of all available adaptors, descriptions of adaptor inputs, processed data, and error messages.


Adaptors are the individual steps that make up a Workflow.

There are adaptors that import data, export data and transform data.

Each adaptor is pre-coded for a specific function (such as changing column names, concatenating columns, filtering datasets, merging datasets).

Users can customise adaptor input and output options to tailor to their needs.

Adaptor inputs and outputs

Each adaptor consists of one or more options that users define to customise how the adaptor will treat your data.

The inputs appear on the left side column of every adaptor. Some adaptors need multiple inputs (such as a join adaptor).

The adaptor outputs appear on the right side column of each adaptor; this is the output of each transformed dataset. There may be one ore more outputs.

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